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Welcome to the City of Hart

Nestled in the northwestern quarter of Oceana County near US-31, the City of Hart is a quaint, quiet community, a perfect place to raise a family and enjoy a good life.

Come Ride the Hart-Montague Trail From the City of Hart

Hart-Montague Trail at Rothbury, MichiganTwenty-two miles of smooth new pavement for your ride; that's the William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail, now finished and ready for you and your family to enjoy.

The City of Hart marks the north end of the trail, providing easy access and plenty of amenities. The trail was once a Grand Rapids to Pentwater railroad line dating back to 1872. From Hart you can head south on the trail toward Shelby, Rothbury, Montague and points in between, making for a fun and memorable day's adventure.

Find convenient free parking at our trail access point with refreshments and food nearby. Check the links below for trail information and maps, courtesy of Michigan Trails Magazine and website.

Help Keep Our Sewer Lines Running Clear.

Don't Flush those wipesNow that everyone is staying home and using all of the toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, flushable wipes and baby wipes that they rushed to the stores to purchase last week we at the City of Hart would like to remind you that even though the packaging may say flushable that doesn't mean it should be flushed down the toilet. The only item that you should be flushing down your toilet is toilet paper. None of those other items will actually biodegrade in the wastewater system and the very germs and other materials that you are trying to dispose of you will be exposing City employees to when they have to clear the blocked sewer lines from those items.

These are just a couple of examples of how those items block the mains and can cause big problems in your home.

Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services Fire Insurance Withholding Program

Michigan State SealThe City of Hart has become a participating municipality in this program. It provides for the escrow of fire insurance as established by Act 495 of the Public Acts of 1980. The intention is to uniformly apply the provisions of Section 2845 or Section 2227 to all properties within the City of Hart in order to protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare.

These provisions of this act provide that a portion of certain casualty losses for fire or explosion otherwise payable by insurers may be withheld in escrow by our community in order to secure, repair, replace or remove damaged structures which violate the City of Hart health or safety standards.

Click here for a list of Michigan Municipalities Participating in the Fire Insurance Withholding Program.
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New "Public Notices and Hearings" Page

For the most recent postings of City of Hart public notices and public hearings, please visit our new Public Notices and Hearings page at this link.

You may also find it listed under the "Connect" menu tab above. Thank you.

Wastewater Plant Odors

Waste water odors updateIf you have been in Hart in the last few weeks, it's certain you have wondered what the terrible smell is.

In a typical year at the Biopure Facility, “Turnover” takes roughly 3 weeks. This year it took 4 days.

The bio-solids lagoon turned over starting Memorial Day weekend bringing solids to the surface. The turnover is a normal process that occurs in all bodies of water. When turnover occurs it brings the bottom of the body of water to the top and the top to the bottom thus bringing what is on the bottom up with it. In a wastewater situation it brings bio-solids causing odors. The only defense we have is to continue to aerate the lagoon and eventually the solids will settle back down to the bottom of the lagoon. A heavy rain will speed up the process also.

Bringing that much solids to the surface depletes the oxygen in the lagoon causing the solids that came to the top to give off an odor causing an anaerobic condition. I’m doing all I can to speed up the process. In the past few years we have been able to beat the odors due to the fact the turnover is gradual but when it gets as hot as it did around Memorial Day weekend it just flips and then we play catch up.

We have been adding chemicals to the lagoon to aid in reducing the odors. We will continue to add the chemicals. We also asked and received help from Hart Fire Department. Some of the crew came out sprayed the floating solids in effort to sink them. We will continue to all we can to get the lagoon back to normal.

Each year we celebrate Earth Day and have an open house here at the Biopure Facility. I would encourage you to take time to stop in and take a Facility tour. We can give you a better understanding and more details of the operations here. If you have further questions feel free to give me a call at 873-2259 or stop out to the Facility.

Paul Cutter
Biopure Facility Superintendent.

Update from BioPure Superintendent

City Council Authorizes Use of ORVs and Golf Carts on City Streets

City of Hart ORV and Golf Cart Street MapIn March of 2020 the City of Hart adopted Ordinance 2020-01 Authorizing the use of ORV's and Golf Carts on City Streets. As we begin the much anticipated but delayed summer season with the opening of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes on June 13th we want to take the time to make sure that our City residents are aware of this new regulation. We have also taken the time to put together a map of City streets showing where ORV's and golf carts are prohibited (easier than showing where all they are permitted). Please keep in mind not all township roads/streets are marked on the map as township, City streets are all located in the are shown on the white background.

The 2020 Census Informs Funding for Things Our Community Needs to Grow and Thrive

Proud support of US Census 2020Complete the census online today! 2020census.gov

Your Answers are safe, secure and used only to produce statistics. No matter where you call home, the census is your chance to shape the future of our community over the next ten years for health care and infrastructure. Billions of dollars in funding that our community needs including roads, schools, hospitals and clinics are allocated based on the statistics that come out of the response to the census.

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