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Licenses and zoning permits are required for such things as signs, fences, accessory buildings and any new structure or addition. These uses and any Special land use, rezoning, site condominiums, variances, site plan approval and other land use review or approval required shall pay the fee established by City Council. For telephone numbers and contact information to speak or email the right person at City Hall please visit our Contact Us Page.

For City Board and Council conc atc information please visit our Boards & Commissions Page

Zoning regulations state that it shall be the duty of the Zoning Administrator to administer the Zoning Code and to enforce the provisions contained herein. The Zoning Administrator shall be appointed by the City Council to serve at its pleasure. The Zoning Board of Appeals shall interpret this Zoning Code, make decisions on matters coming within its jurisdiction and instruct the Administrator as to the steps necessary to enforce its decisions.

For Utility information please visit our City Services Page.









Zoning Permit Application (pdf) Plan Sketch (pdf)
Residential $10.00
Commercial $25.00
Industrial $50.00
Zoning Board of Appeals $50.00
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Download Our Applications and Information Sheets:

City of Hart Ordinances & Guidelines:

For your convenience the City of Hart Ordinances are available on line. You may download or view them in Adobe PDF format.

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